As Ramadan is approaching, parents across the world are preparing for this blessed month in different ways. One of the most useful preparations is to make sure that you have enough activities to occupy your children while you might be busy with prayer, study or home duties. There are some great Ramadan books available, as well as lots of different colouring activities that you can print out for your kids.

Another great idea is to download some fun, beneficial apps for your kids to play with! Instead of playing just any old app, opt for an app designed especially for Muslim kids – one that will keep them entertained and out of your way, but ALSO give them some valuable learning experiences and maybe even teach them a thing or two!

Below are our Top 5 picks for this Ramadan.


We’re Little Muslims

We’re Little Muslims is an interactive educational app meant to be played by children and parents. The app follows the journey of Faatimah and Ahmed, the playful and fun characters from the famous Read Little Muslims series created by Razeena Gutta.

Designed to be a fun and meaningful digital experience, every game in the app follows one or more of the 4 crucial categories necessary for healthy childhood development – physical, social, intellectual and emotional. Features 18 mini games that will keep your child occupied for ages. They can learn the Arabic alphabet, the Arabic numerals, play some alphabet charades, look after Fluffy the rabbit, play basketball, learn some of the 99 names of Allah and SO much more.

On this journey children and the parents can play together or individually and learn, grow and develop together.


Ali and Sumaya Let’s Pray

Let’s Pray! is Ali and Sumaya’s first CG animated App, teaching children how to pray in a fun and simple way. With beautiful recitation and fantastic 3D visuals, this App will truly inspire your kids to love to pray, Insha’Allah.

The prayer is taught according to the Holy Qur’an and Authentic Hadith. Contains no musical instruments.
Includes: Story of Salah, Why we pray, Wudu, Salah (prayer), Games and much more.
*In-App Purchase required for complete Salah and Games.



 Noor Quest

The Noor Quest app introduces basic arabic letters and Quran in a fun, entertaining and educational way with friendly, engaging and relatable characters, funky space sounds, vibrant graphics and a cool space masjid!

Calling all Muslim space kids! Join the Muslimnauts Zazzy, Esmaa, Meem, Alpha and Kiya as they race to recover the missing pages from their special Quran!

A great tool to help kids in learning basic arabic letter forms and familiarising them with the look and sound of the noble Quran.

Bismillah, let’s go!

Zain’s Sing Along

Sing along with Zain Bhikha and explore his library of Islamic songs & videos! You can choose to watch specially curated videos or give the game a go – make sure you catch all those stickers!
The videos and the game both feature large subtitles to encourage the development of reading skills in a fun way, while conveying universal Islamic values.

Alif Baa app

Alif Baa – Teach your kids the Arabic alphabet whilst keeping them entertained with this exciting game. Alif Baa is the best way to learn the Arabic Alphabet. The app uses a series of captivating games to help children learn the Arabic alphabet in a fun and easy way. Children journey through the game whilst completing a variety of exercises which can be time tracked and scored. Learning pace is tailored to individual children of all ages.




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