10 Ways Children Can Have Fun Learning About Hajj

It’s that special time of the year where Muslims embark on a once in a lifetime journey. Get ready to keep the Hajj spirit alive in the blessed days of Dhul Hijjah.  Here are 10 fun ways to help make learning easy: 1. Get Crafting Why not create a storyboard/diorama to get the children visualising steps to complete

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Ramadan Activity Chart – Zed&Q

  Who: Zayneb Abdullatif What: Ramadan Activity Chart Features: 30 Daily Activities This Ramadan chart comes with a complete set of 30 daily cards which include: ‘activities, hadiths, interesting facts and did you know?’. Information is derived from Qur’an and Sunnah to help your children flourish in their Islamic knowledge. Ideal for children aged 5+. More information here

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Flourishing Deeds Tree

Teach your children how good deeds can beautify ones character just as these floral petals beautify the branch. This Flourishing Deeds Tree craft encourages children and family members alike, to establish ‘a good deeds’ routine throughout Ramadan and maintain it after. Simply create a floral petal each time a good deed is completed and watch

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