Peter Gould

Kids of the Ummah

  Who: Peter Gould What: Book and app Features: The fun way for pre-schoolers to learn about Islam. Kids of the Ummah is the first title in a series of beautiful books designed for children 2-5 years old. It features wonderfully illustrated Muslim characters in 26 diverse cities around the world, from award-winning graphic designer Peter Gould. A

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MKG Chats with Peter Gould

Peter Gould is a designer, creative entrepreneur and artist. The BBC describes Peter as a leader in the emergence of new Muslim cool. He aims, through his work on creative projects, to illuminate, enrich and inspire people through beauty & positivity.   Tell us a bit about yourself? Hmm, well you could apply a few labels:  Dad, Designer, Muslim, Arty,

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Noor Quest

  Who: Peter Gould (Creator) What: iOS/Android app  Features: A fun way to learn Arabic letters and Quran. Set in outer-space with fun relatable Muslim characters. 3..2..1 Bismillah! Join the Muslimnauts Zazzy, Esmaa, Meem, Alpha and Kiya as they race to recover the missing pages from their special Quran! The Noor Quest app introduces basic Arabic letters and Quran

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