Omar and Hana, one of our favourite Muslim cartoons are getting their own app!

If you’ve been following Omar and Hana since their launch in 2018, you’d know that they have since accumulated 3.5 million subscribers on YouTube and over 1.5 billion views. You could say that they’re the celebrities of the Islamic cartoon world.

If you don’t know who Omar and Hana are, they are an animated series specially made for Muslim kids to teach them about Islamic values and practices. They were created by Digital Durian, an animation startup in Kuala Lumpur. Their videos are a fun and exciting way to teach kids about the foundations of Islam and basic knowledge such as dua and praying. Omar and Hana have collaborated with influential Muslims and Islamic brands such as Mufti Menk, Zain Bhika, Omar Regan, and Zaky!

If you’re just as excited as us for the launch of the app on the 15th of June, keep reading to get some insight and a few sneak peeks on what’s in the app!

Why an Omar and Hana app?

Although YouTube is a wonderful platform to find educational videos and was the starting point for Omar and Hana, creating an app is going to allow a safer space for the kids to enjoy the videos and the Omar and Hana experience as it will contain no ads and is easy to monitor the children’s activities.

The interactivity of the application will work as an effective learning experience by allowing the children to use interactive story books and play interactive learning games. it will also include a full library of all your favourite Omar and Hana songs and episodes.

What’s in the app?

The content of the app will focus mainly on the development of akhlaq and good Islamic values.

It will also include stories and lessons and the histories of the Prophets and other Islamic role models.

Help launch Omar and Hana’s app!

If you’re just as excited as us and are a big fan of Omar and Hana or are just finding out and would like to help, you can donate here!


By donating to fund the launch of Omar and Hana’s app, not only are you getting a subscription to the application and choices of Omar and Hana merchandise, but you’re making it possible to provide fun and exciting content from our favourite muslim cartoons for their fans and viewers all around the world.

We’re really excited for the launch of the Omar and Hana application and we can’t wait to download it and review it for you guys. Watch out for their launch on the 15th of June and stay posted for our very own Omar and Hana app review!




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