Ramadan – a time where we solely focus on our Lord; strengthening our relationship with the Qur’an and standing in Taraweeh. To be honest, I’m quite nervous about this Ramadan! In previous years, I could do all of the above plus more! Now having a beautiful 2 month old I know this month won’t be the same!

However, it can be less stressful and stay focused if I plan ahead. Here are some steps I’m taking in preparation for the month ahead:

  1. Intention 

Turn every action into a form of ibadah. This will ensure you’re engaged in ibadah throughout the whole day (without even realising!). Take cooking iftar for example. If you intend to please Allah by making iftar, then every second spent chopping and cleaning will be rewarded insha’Allah.



2. Staying healthy

The food we consume and the type of activities we do will affect our energy levels. Don’t overburden yourself!

  • Try to take naps throughout the day
  • Take vitamins
  • Decrease your oily and sugary food intake and increase on nutritious food
  • Drink loads of water from iftar until suhoor.
  • Have something to eat at suhoor. Have a look at these scrumptious recipes here.


3. Planning Meals

Cooking can be so time consuming (and I didn’t even mention the cleaning part!) You want to spend less time in the kitchen and more time doing other acts of ibadah. Remember, Ramadan isn’t about lavish meals; leftovers are just fine.

  • Find quick, easy and nutritious recipes for iftar and suhoor.
  • Write them down on a meal planner.
  • A few days before Ramadan start grocery shopping.
  • Use less pots and utensils so cleaning can be a breeze.


4. Share the load!

I’m not a fan of cleaning but I do love a tidy house! Use the time before Ramadan to spring clean. Share chores with your spouse and kids. Throughout Ramadan, try and put everything back in place after using it.



5. Working Mums

For me it’s now a little easier as I work from home. Use this time to finish off projects, schedule in social media posts and tidy up study area…and hopefully not start any new projects!



6. Ibadah & Family Time

We are constantly reminded numerous of times on how often we should recite the Qur’an and pray Taraweeh.

For me, Ramadan isn’t about completing the whole Qur’an, rather taking little steps to memorise certain ayahs or surahs.

  • Keep a dua list handy like this one here.
  • Have a Ramadan to do list with all things you want to achieve daily/weekly etc.
  • Incorporate dhikr in your daily activities.
  • Recite Qur’an in between kids school drop offs/picks ups.
  • All of the above ibadah can be done with your family whether it’s your spouse, siblings or children. Use this time to spend quality time as a family in the remembrance of Allah.


7. Eid Gifts

I love online shopping! This year I prepared an Eid Gift List which is a bliss! I’ve also already purchased Yaseen’s first Eid gift: the Stairway to Heaven book set


Mothers, what do you do that’s not listed above?

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