This pandemic kick started my little endeavor of creating a podcast for Muslim kids . As an educator and mother of 3, I gravitate towards all things literacy. My passion project, Once Upon A Crescent was a meant to bring enrichment to Muslim children’s lives through engaging and entertaining stories catered to Muslim kid experiences. However, along the way, with the right kind of nudge and help from family and supportive sisters, I was inspired to transform and grow this endeavor into a long term mission, in Sha Allah.  I hope to  live out my dreams as an educator that positively contributes to the Muslim world, with this podcast being just the beginning of that mission. I hope to cater to my Muslim kid audience and enrich their lives with meaningful content for future projects, in Sha Allah!


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Extending the Learning at Home Safiya’s Science Experiment was such a fun story to create! I introduced a mindset where pursuing one’s passion is integral at staying true to one’s self. I tried to incorporate ways for kids to see that committing to their own personal interests, no matter what opinion others have, is what can bring an authentic sense of pride in ourselves. The Islamic moral here is that Allah looks NOT at how we look, but what is in our hearts, therefore our passions and talents are all given from Allah. They are the very things that make each of us unique in our own ways. Inspired from Zain Bhika’s nasheed, this Islamic takeaway was something I came across myself as a teen in high school and it helped me survive an environment where looks were the first thing people judged you on! I hope kids can listen to this story and value themselves just a bit more for their own individualities and quirks. Speaking of which , I totally collected rollie pollies as a kid and kept them in my pockets to take home after school. Lol maybe in little ways, I was always meant to be an elementary school science teacher 🔎🐞😅 . #muslimchildren #muslimhousehold #muslimkidspodcast #muslimchildrenstories #muslimparenting #muslimhomeschool

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One of those projects is my vision to create a safe space for Muslim Kids to engage and connect with each other ONLINE. Imagine a website with a forum that is user friendly for Muslim kids, filled with educational and enriching academic and Islamic content. Imagine kids learning the deen up close and personal, with peers, mentors and teachers and engaging in a whole network of invested parents who pour into this “online village” to raise bright , God-Conscious inspired youth, who will one day positively impact the world around them. Why not create a social media platform specifically for Muslim kids? One that doesn’t hold the dangers and drawbacks of Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc, but instead holds the advantages of the connectedness that Muslim kids crave today. If you have some expertise to offer and want to be in on the process of bringing this idea to life, then please feel free to reach out to me. My email address is