We have been extra lucky to review the brand new Omar & Hana app and we would like to share with you how awesome it is!

The app is available to download on the google play store and the app store.

Google play storehttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.digitaldurian.omarhana

Apple store: https://apps.apple.com/app/id1503903788

The Omar & Hana app has an abundance of features that can teach you about all sorts of topics such as praying, different Dua, and the alphabet. Using the app doesn’t get boring as there is so much to explore on the app and to unlock.

The app allows you to have your own avatar that you can customise once you gain coins by completing different tasks and activities. the diverse customisable avatar options means that there is an avatar option for everyone!

The aims of the app are to reach muslims around the world, bridge the gap of good quality Islamic fun learning content, create a safe space and platform for young kids and to produce high-quality educational content. Sometimes it’s difficult to monitor the content your children are exposed to on big platforms such as Youtube, through this app you can be assured that they are gaining Islamic knowledge on a safe platform that can easily be monitored.

The app takes you through different stories featuring our favourites, Omar and Hana so that they can teach us something new and valuable. Each of the lessons is valuable Islamic lessons that kids can benefit from learning at a young age.

Omar and Hana use catchy songs to help you learn the lesson which is very engaging for kids. Some of the songs are popular songs from the Omar and Hana youtube channel. The story plots are good for kids to learn about the Islamic way of life and how to live with respect in society.

All of the videos and games include bright vibrant kids friendly graphics that will draw the attention of your little ones and keep them entertained.

The Application includes interactive learning which makes a good learning experience for the kids all while being enjoyable and eye-catching. Studies show that the first years of a toddler’s life are when they become media consumers. Through the safe content and creative environment of the app, it can be a very useful education tool for your kids.

Not only does the application allow for fun in-app experience, but it also contains craft ideas that the kids can physically create at home. The crafts all spread Islamic knowledge in a fun, hands-on experience.

The features of the application such as the games and stories are a good way for little kids to learn many things about Islam and Islamic values and Aqidah during their first phase of learning about Islam.

We had so much fun experiencing the Omar & Hana app and we would definitely recommend it for educational and exciting Islamic kids content. check out the Omar and Hana app on the apple store and the google play store!


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