Who: Bismillah Babies

What: Journal and Activity Book

Features: Teach kids about diversity and the blessed month of Ramadan.

“My Ramadan Journal – Around the World” is a journal and activity book for children aged 6-12 years.

The Journal features characters/children from 15 different countries who talk about why Ramadan is special to them. They talk about the various aspects of Ramadan that they look forward to and share their traditions.

What is Ramadan? Activity Book

A 26 page, paperback, full-colour activity book that explains the celebration of Ramadan to a multi-cultural audience.

Children from 10 different countries around the world talk about their countries and their Ramadan traditions and share their traditions through recipes, crafts and puzzles.


Faaiza Osman
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Faaiza is the writer behind the blog Modest Munchies. Shes an avid baker, chocolate lover, recipe creator and crafter. Faaiza planned to be an accountant and subsequently a teacher, but after qualifying as both, being a stay at home mum took preference. Her teaching qualification is handy as she plans to homeschool her son and daughter, and has also inspired many creative learning ideas and crafts on her blog. Once a primarily food blog, Modest Munchies naturally developed to became an outlet for her to unleash her creativity.

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