Peter Gould is a designer, creative entrepreneur and artist. The BBC describes Peter as a leader in the emergence of new Muslim cool. He aims, through his work on creative projects, to illuminate, enrich and inspire people through beauty & positivity.


Tell us a bit about yourself?

Hmm, well you could apply a few labels:  Dad, Designer, Muslim, Arty, Entrepreneur, Creative, Techie, Australian. They all come into play to various degrees, usually depending on the amount of coffee in my system.


What inspired you to start Muslim Kids Guide?

When my first daughter was born 7 years ago, I was surprised at the lack of variety in fun, engaging creative experiences & cool products designed for Muslim kids. I started creating my own books, games & apps, but felt so much more could be done.
Alhumdulilah in the last few years Ive seen a whole new generation of quality creative brands and products emerging – there really are some fantastic products coming from all parts of the world. The problem now however is that many parents are simply not aware of those efforts. And reciprocally, the creators of this great new content have a hard time promoting and distributing their work internationally.
Muslim Kids Guide is my attempt to curate, showcase and share the best Muslim kids brands and products available. I also want to help support, nurture and grow a generation of creative Muslim entrepreneurs  to produce original, high quality inspiring content for kids. We need more light, positivity, creativity and beauty instilled into the incoming generation of stars inshAllah.


What is your favourite project youve worked on thus far?

There have been quite a few but my current favourites are the Noor Quest game and Muslimy app. Noor Quest is a phone/tablet app for iOS & Android that takes little Muslimnauts on an adventure through space to help rescue the missing Quran pages from the Space Mosque. My team and I designed the whole experience to be fun and compelling for kids to play, the learning happens automatically.  Its a simple mechanic but it works.

Muslimy is one that we just released on the App Store! It’s for an older audience, and is an app that allows Muslims (and non-Muslims!) connect with all the awesome and positive things that are being achieved and created by Muslims around the world. It does this by sharing curated content (which we call “tiles”), that are limited in number every day, and has a simple swipe mechanic with a minimal design to make it easy to use and to allow the user to focus on the content. The content is inspiring, beautiful, and insightful.


What are you currently working on, can you share?

I have some big plans in the works for 2016 inshAllah, and really hoping that might enable me to grow my kids brands into fully developed ranges in the coming years inshAllah. Stay tuned!

You seem like a pretty hands-on dad, how do you juggle all the work you do alongside finding time for your family?

I have 3 beautiful kids alhumdulilah which is such a blessing. It does make day-to-day life quite a balancing act especially with a demanding creative business with clients in many parts of the world. There are no secrets or shortcuts, but having an amazing wife and amazing studio team make both possible. I try hard to plan ahead, be organised and be grateful for everything life brings. Some of my blog posts might give a more practical answers!

What tips would you give other dads?

Hah well, honestly Im still trying to figure it all out myself. Not sure my kids would agree that I’m qualified to give advice! I would just say to be very proactive in actively building the lifestyle want for yourself and your family. Dont get stuck in a place grinding year after year feeling tired and unexcited. Define your aspirations and goals, be bold, create something. If you want to inspire your kids to dream and work hard to achieve their goals, lead by example.

Whats your favourite thing to do with your kids?

Oh lots of things – you cant beat old-fashioned fun doing free things like making silly puppet shows, acting out characters and make up stories. But I have tried to I look for ways to be creative with them and make activities they wouldnt get through school or other programs. I recently finished helping my eldest daughter design and produce a cute little magazine, she did really well. I might be out of a job soon!

Apple or Android?

I drank from Jobs’ kool-aid years ago and never looked back. Jony Ive (Chief Design Office, Apple) is one of my creative heroes.

What do you think the future holds for yourself and Muslim kids?

Id like to be actively supporting creative and entrepreneurial efforts around the planet. Ive been incredibly blessed to discover first-hand how empowering and liberating it can be to passionately work on your dreams and ideas that you care about deeply, then grow them into a sustainable business. I want to instil this mindset in young people and help them solve the worlds problems with creative, positive thinking.




You can see more of Peter’s work and inspiration at his website.

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