Nazia Nasreen is an audiologist, mother, and founder of Ibraheem Toy House, which is an online Islamic toy store, based in the UK. We chatted to her about her inspiration, her favourite products and what she feels the market for Muslim kids needs.


What inspired you to start Ibraheem Toy House?

Ibraheem Toy House started in 2014 while I was on my maternity leave with my second child Ibraheem. I wanted to teach my 4 year old daughter about Islam in a fun way through games and books. Initially I struggled to find good quality toys and books and when I did I found it difficult to shop around with two kids. I knew there was a gap in the market and there was a need for such products so I decided to launch my own online Islamic toy store so Muslim mums can shop for a range of products that are not easily available on the High street, from the comfort of their own homes.


What is your favourite product for kids?

I love the Muslim talking dolls Aminah and Yousef. These dolls recite verses from the holy Quran and sing Islamic songs.


What do you think the muslim children’s marketplace needs?

There is definitely a lack of good quality Islamic toys inthe Market. We need more fun educational products like the talking dolls. We need more board games that teach children about history of Islam in a fun way. We also need products like cot mobiles that can play Islamic nursery rhymes and duas. There are so many products our children can benefit from.image2



How do you juggle all the work you do alongside finding time for your family?

In the beginning I used to do everything myself but now I have a team that helps me with my blogs, social media and packaging. I do most work when my kids are in school or nursery or asleep.


What are your tips to stay productive and organised?

I have weekly and monthly goals that I set for the business. This motivates me to work hard and stay focused. I also dedicate days for specific tasks e.g. I would do my email marketing on Mondays, blogs on Tuesdays and social media on Wednesdays. This way I don’t feel overwhelmed and I get a lot more done. Having a positive mind set also helps with my productivity.


What’s your favourite thing to do with your kids?

I love reading with my kids and we rarely get much sun in the UK but when we do I like taking them to the park.


Where do you see Ibraheem Toy house in 5 years?

Inshallah we will have our first physical Islamic toy store in the UK and I hope to design our own range of fun educational Islamic toys.



What do you hope the future will hold for your kids and Muslim kids everywhere?

I think it will be challenging to raise kids in the West with the negative press and increase in Islamophobia but I also believe our future generation will be more educated in the deen inshallah as more young Muslims parents are taking a proactive part in teaching children the correct deen from a young age. Our ummah is facing a difficult time right now and the only way to get through this is by praying and having patience. We can teach our children that the prophet Muhammed SAW also went through hardship and humiliation but Islam is still the fastest growing religion in the world. I pray our children have strong Imaan and May Allah SWT guide all Muslim children on the straight path. Ameen.


All images supplied by Ibraheem Toy House.

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