Teaching children about Allah can begin as soon as they are able to point their tiny, adorable finger up to the sky as you chant in their ears, “La ilaha illa Allah; there is no God but Allah.” There is an innate need in every human soul to know Allah, and there is an emptiness that can only be filled and consoled by nearness to the Creator and love and reverence of Him. Allah has not left us to grapple in the dark, as He has introduced and described Himself to us in almost every page in the Holy Qur’an; from the first chapter, Al-Fatiha, until the last chapter, An-Naas. The Holy Qur’an is our primary source of knowledge about Allah’s Beautiful Names and Attributes.

Human hearts are naturally drawn to someone who is kind, someone who has showered them with favor upon favor; someone who is looking out for them. And the more you get to know this person, the more you will love him/her, and the more you would willingly want to please this person and listen to their advice.

As parents and teachers at Islamic schools and community centers, our number one aim should be to help children know Allah. The more they know of His perfect Names and Attributes, the more they will love Him and obey Him of their own accord, regardless of our presence or absence at any given moment. Allah Most High is constantly providing for His creation, and He alone is worthy of worship.

A child who knows that Allah is As-Samee`, who hears all sounds, whether it is a whisper or loud statement, wouldn’t use foul language, even if her parents or teacher weren’t around. Before eyeing someone else’s answers on a difficult exam, she will remember that Allah is Al-Baseer, and He sees even the smallest and most subtle of actions. As-Baseer sees a black ant crawling, on a black stone, under the black midnight sky.

Allah is Al-Wahhab, who has given us so many gifts and blessings that we can’t even count. Let’s try: eyesight, good health, home, and cozy bed, family, delicious strawberries, cats, soft hair, friends, wealth to buy toys and books, the sea to splash in, and so much, much more. In return, would I disobey Allah after all that He has given us, or would I obey and thank Him?

Allah is Al-Wakeel, the One whom we trust and rely on. When you are worried and sad about moving to a new town, put your trust in Allah that He will send you good friends in the new town, an amazing recreational center to practice your favorite sport, a good school and Muslim community center, and fun parks and museums to go to. We all must work hard at the things we want, but at the same time, we trust that Allah will take care of our affairs.

Allah is Al-Hafeedh, the Protector. Remember that day when you fell off your bike but miraculously you didn’t even get a cut or bruise? That is because Allah is Al-Hafeedh and He sends down angels by His command to protect you and keep you unharmed.

When a child makes a mistake or sin, which causes her to become anxious, remind her that Allah is Al-Ghafoor, Ar-Raheem. Allah is forgiving and merciful and He accepts our repentance and erases our sins. Allah loves for us to turn to Him, and He gives us chances, again and again, to make a wrong into a right.

That is the idea behind our project at Faithful Kids, to help families grow together in knowledge and love of Allah. We are continuously holding workshops and developing online presentations that anyone can download and use in their home or mosque to teach children the meanings of Allah’s Beautiful Names. The matching cards memory game and coloring offer families a fun activity while helping kids learn the meanings of Allah’s Names. In my family, some nights we play Clue or Scrabble, or the wonderful 5Pillars game, and other nights I make popcorn and bring out these cards to play an intense memory game! Alternately, I use the cards for a family trivia game! Our products explain the meanings of Allah’s Names in a way that is easy for children to grasp. Engaging children in hands-on activities, telling stories, and doing art projects is an effective and enjoyable educational experience! We end our family fun time with listening to a few verses of the Qur’an which mention the Names of Allah we studied, or we listen to an Islamic song (nasheed) of the Names of Allah!

As for the importance of studying Allah’s Names and Attributes, the scholars have said that the study of Allah’s Names is the most noble of all sciences. This is because the nobility of science is connected to the nobility of its subject, and there is no subject to study that is nobler than Allah subhanahu-wa-ta`ala.
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Written by Amal Al-Sibai from @faithful.kids