Teaching children how to make Wudu is a fun yet important part of their learning. There are a lot of great products out there to make learning Wudu easier, and to help them remember the steps effectively.

Of course we also need to be mindful of, and teach why we make Wudu, what breaks Wudu, and how to save water while making Wudu, and some of these products address those too.


All About Wudu Activity Book

Published by Kube Publishing, this fun activity book includes colouring pages, mazes, activities and stickers, all to assist children in understanding what Wudu is all about. Using their creativity, they can explore the different steps of Wudu, and they can have fun with the stickers as well as learn about the importance of the different steps.

My First Wudu Book

You can never start teaching too early. This book is ideal for babies and toddlers – they can start off by simply learning the body parts, and then the steps for wudu. The best thing about it is that the pictures change colour with water, which makes it so much fun!

Ali and Sumaya Make Wudu

Ali and Sumaya have become well known characters in the Muslim kids product world. Here’s a link to one of their videos where they go through the full process of how to make Wudu. I do love how Ali whispers his intention! They are lovely examples for Muslim kids.



Zaky – How to Make Wudu

We all also love the very well known purple bear, Zaky! This video is also an amazing way for kids to learn how to make Wudu. Accompanied by a catchy song, this will have the kids making Wudu in no time!


Wudu Puzzles

This puzzle will help your child learn the steps of Wudu in an enjoyable colourful setting.
In addition to offering a great experience in learning the actions of Wudu, puzzles like this help develop shape-recognition and fine-motor skills, matching skills, as well as memorization, and encourages imaginative play.

Wudu Poster

A laminated poster to stick in a place where kids can view easily. Hang up where its easily visible and can serve as a reminder. It had clearly illustrated steps that makes learning fun.

Wudu Stickers

A reusable cling sticker that will stick to any smooth surface, this is a great option for sticking directly on your bathroom mirror to remind children as they’re making Wudu.

More Wudu Stickers

Another great option for your bathroom mirror. Customisable and able to be used in many different ways, this decal will help children remember the steps in no time!


And lastly, letting them have a bit of fun in water, while being mindful about wastage, will have them enjoying the process!! Let us know on Facebook or Instagram if you know any other products or ideas.

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