Jariya Jar




Who: Aisha Mohammed (Author)

What: Book for 3+

Features: Introduces the concept of giving charity.

Safiyyah attends the monthly cake sale at school and is asked whether she would like to give “sadaqah”. Unaware of the concept, Safiyyah is reluctant to part with her shiny gold coin. When she goes home, her dad lovingly explains the importance of charity and good intentions. They get creative and decide to make Safiyyah her very own sadaqah jar!
Jariya Jar is a heart warming story that details a parent’s gentle and creative approach to teaching their child about the concept of voluntary charity in Islam.

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Sara Amanulla

Sara is passionate about introducing kids to the Qur'an in a fun and relevant way. She helps run an Islamic playgroup and is currently studying Qur'anic Arabic. She lives in Melbourne with her family and loves exploring the beauty it has to offer. You can connect with her at Parenthood: Muslim Style.

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