We know that books are a great tool for education so we are pleased to have come across Islamic History for kids who have published children’s books that help educate kids on their heritage and heroes who have helped shape the world around us.

There are two books that are currently available; The story of Badr and The story of Uhud, both which play an integral part in the beginning of the Islamic era.

Islamis History For Kids aims to revive Islamic history by providing accessible stories with vibrant and engaging illustrations to jog the young minds. These books are first in a series that aims to show our children that they have countless role models and heroes to look up to and emulate.

Story of Badr explains Badr’s importance and lessons, including courage, valor, steadfastness, and placing your trust in Allah alone, all in an age-appropriate manner. Join Zahrah and Zain as their father explains to them the legendary story of Badr and helps them understand its importance and lessons, including courage, valor, steadfastness, and placing your trust in Allah alone.

Story of Uhud talks about the challenges and sacrifices that were made by the Prophet (SAW) and the Companions (RA) to keep the light of Islam burning bright. Kids learn about love, listening the elders, consequences for disobedience, and how to handle adversity. The story of Uhud is one of the most profound stories in Islam and it is full of wisdom and lessons.   Join Zahran and Zain as they learn about this important event and learn all the wonderful lessons Uhud teaches us.

These books are available to purchase at their website, visit islamichistoryforkids.com. You can also enjoy the free (Story of Badr) audiobook with your purchase and follow us along for a fun journey (The link to the audiobook will be emailed to you after your purchase).  The audio version enhances your experience as you flip the pages along with us.

These books have 5 star ratings with satisfied customer reviews:
“Masha Allah, it’s about time there’s a good book that explains the struggles the beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAWS) went through and it’s always amazing to read again and again how Allah helped him be successful. At this time and age, it’s becoming more and more important to teach the kids to ensure the belief in Islam remains strong. It’s a must read for any Muslim to become more knowledgeable about Islam”.
“Great and easy to read book for kids. Telling the story of Badr in a fascinating way to keep kids excited!!”.
You can purchase the books online at Islamichistoryforkids and Amazon