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Sometimes we do scroll Instagram for me time, aren’t we? I think it would be
nice if we follow this account that has kids-related-stuff so it will be a win-win solution, you could have me-time and stay informed with the latest trend in parenthood.

If you like to do some DIY stuff that involves education,  here some Instagram Accounts We Love for Muslim Kids Activity:

1.Kitab Kids

They provide Kids Book recommendations and some Islamic activity that worth trying. They also share some of their explorations in poems, arts, and crafts. They feed also look beautiful and actively sharing some good content from around the internet. We also have articles by Kitab Kids for Eid Al Adha  click here to read



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The water cycle, also called the hydrologic cycle, is a major process that moves water from the earth into the atmosphere and then back to the earth. It is continuous, allowing fresh water to be removed from our oceans and be distributed all over the earth, sustaining life. Although there is not much water in the desert, the water cycle is still at work. Deserts are biomes of the earth that receive less than 10 inches of precipitation per year, making them very dry areas. There is not much evaporation that occurs from these regions, partly since they often don’t have bodies of water, and also because plants in the desert have adaptations that protect them against water loss. This means that the major involvement of deserts in the water cycle is that they receive some of the precipitation. Many deserts have rainy seasons or monsoons, in which rainfall is sudden and hard. During these times, water can accumulate in rivers and become temporarily stored, and evaporation can also occur. At other times of the year, these areas can be completely dry. The water cycle involves three major steps: evaporation, condensation and precipitation. Evaporation occurs mainly from ocean waters in warm areas, which receive so much solar energy that the water molecules at the surface escape as vapor. Water vapor rises into the atmosphere, leaving the salt behind. In the atmosphere, the water vapor cools and condenses, forming liquid droplets that create clouds. Clouds carry the moisture all through the atmosphere, following weather patterns. When they reach mountains, the clouds are too heavy to rise over them and so they release their precipitation. Desert areas receive just enough precipitation that they can sustain some life forms that are adapted to the harsh environment. Natural springs are a special type of groundwater source where pressurised water emerges from the ground in a steady flow. All natural springs are the result of an aquifer which consists of an underground area of rock and other materials such as gravel, sand or silt. The water table is essentially the top level of an aquifer, which may change due to increased rainfall or underground movement. CONT in COMMENT

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2. Ink and Blossom Homeschool

In this account, they often convert surah learning with fun craft idea activity. This could be an engaging way to teach our kids and make them easier to understand the meaning of the surah. Ink and Blossom Homeschool also provide mini tips and trick about teaching kids and insight of sunnah that related to parenthood



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. Ive been planning to share what we did with our first Insect Lore caterpillar kit for a while. I am so pleased with how the whole process went and can genuinely say both my son and I really enjoyed caring for and observing the caterpillars alhamdulilah! . The kit is a great basis for a preschooler life cycle unit. I used it to connect to the following activities: •DIY Cardboard Lifecycle Puzzle •Butterfly Painting (focus on symmetry) •Making Pompom Caterpillars (focus on fine motor skills -needle and thread work) •Making Cocoons (when our caterpillars formed theirs!…emphasising the process) •Using playdough and model caterpillars to recreate the first stages of the lifecycle •Picking Flowers for Butterflies to Eat (focus on parts of the flower) •Montessori Parts of a Butterfly Activity •Parts of Other Insects (noticing how all have the same basic body parts). •Lots of reading! . Most of these activities are pretty self-explanatory and I have shared some pictures of what we did, but in particular I thought I’d share how I created the lifecycle puzzle in case it saves anyone time trying to figure out! . My inspiration for all things cardboard is of course @thetribetyposandtea . Her crafts are always so amazing and I was excited to try creating my own! . I wanted to ensure that the template was reusable so each time we learn about a lifecycle I can simply swap the cards around. Thus everything stuck Is down using velcro dots rather than glue. All you need is two A4 pieces of card layering one on top of the other, cutting 4 x windows out of the top one that can be removed and replaced. I found the 4 stage lifecycle cards and lots of other resources from @pinayhomeschooler ideal for this age /type of work. . The basic way we used the puzzle was so take off all the pictures and then my son put them back in the correct order. We then read what each square said under the pictures! . we spoke a lot about creation and the natural beauty/ patterns Allah has given so many creatures and also sharpened our butterfly identification skills Alhamdulilah 😄. . I hope these ideas are useful for anyone trying out a kit or doing a life cycle unit with preschoolers IA ☺️.

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3. Lunar Learners

Lunar Learner provide some crafty idea that is simple, fun, and engaging. Sure you all parents could try it at home.

4. Dear Muslim Child

This account really has an aesthetic feed and a beautiful idea for crafting an Islamic education material. They recently give free e-book related to Hajj activity. So stay tuned for their account for another ideas and freebies.


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Can you believe it? Eid is almost here and we are well into the blessed days of Dhul-hijjah. I highly recommend you take some time and discuss these blessed days with your kids and what better way to learn about hajj and Eid than to do crafts?⁣ ⁣ I’ve teamed up with my favorite diy-ers to bring you a free e-book with a week’s worth of crafts and learning. ⁣ ⁣ Grab your copy today for free and do the following crafts: ⁣ ⁣ Unity in Tawaf – @dearmuslimchild⁣ Acrylic Hajj Art -@the_inspired_muslim_mama ⁣ Ka’bah Nature Craft – @fiddle.leaf.figs ⁣ Qurbani Animals – @drcardamom⁣ The Colours of Hajj -@misssanateaches ⁣ Light Up Around the Ka’bah -@⁣shehneela.f.khan Eid mu-BAA-ruk -@theplayfulfawn ⁣ ⁣ Link the bio! ⁣

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5. She Lives Her Life

This account gives a crafty idea using everyday stuff and relates it to child education. From the solar system to Ramadhan activity, they include them all.


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⁣Ever made a shoebox dollhouse? ⠀ ⠀ I recently found out about a charity group that is sending shoeboxes filled with small toys to Syrian children as gifts for Eid ul Adha. ⠀ ⠀ We were just going to send a few small toys and stickers in the box but my daughter had a better idea.⠀ We decided to make a small dollhouse as a gift to send instead. ⠀ ⠀ This was super easy to make and I had everything we needed at home so it took us just a couple of days to finish it. ⠀ @quote.lovin.1 has some cute matching card printables which were the perfect size as wall art for this mini dollhouse. We painted some peg dolls and put them in the box too. ⠀ ⠀ We tried to make the box as sturdy as possible so it survives the transit and the furniture sturdy but lightweight so it doesn’t damage the rest of the dollhouse. ⠀ ⠀ I’ll be posting the steps to make the house in my stories today so do check it out 😊⠀ ⠀ Will you try it? Let me know if you have a go 🙂 ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ #dollhousediy #diymama #charitygiftboxes #pegdolls #diypegdolls #dollrooms #charityshoebox #homeschoolmama #girlswallart #girlbedroomdecor #girlsroomgoals #creativeweirdo #creativeweirdos #minidollhouse #dollfurniture #wallart #portabledollrooms #homeschoolmama #muslimmama #inspiremyhome #interiordesign #diymama #diydollhouses #mydreamhome #ikeahacks #interiordesigner #eiduladha2020 #eiduladhacraft

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6. Fiddle Leaf Figs

They are teaching Islam in an engaging way. They convert Surah learning into crafty ideas and Rhymes. I’m sure it really helped our kids memorize the surah and its meaning. The Instagram Highlight area consists step of step on how to make the craft. It is really easy to understand and to follow.


7.Salam Montessori

Salam Montessori provides Islamic Montessori Ideas for your children. They give really good resources and ideas for teaching Arabic words. They have an idea of Calming Corner is a worth to try for a parent when the kids having tantrums.


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This is a really special area in our home called, “the calming corner.” This little corner is in their bedroom and it serves many purposes. Kids have really big emotions that they are not always able to express in a healthy way. This calming corner helps them point out exactly how they are feeling when they can’t quite find the right words to say. . I have seen a positive behavior change since implementing this system. It helps the kids find the words to express how they are feeling so their anger or sadness doesn’t turn into disrespect or negativity. Alhamdulillah. The best investment you can make is in the emotional, physical and spiritual well-being of your children. . When the kids are having a tantrum or a hard time, they either go to the corner by themselves or I direct them to the corner. I leave them for a few minutes. During this time, they read a book, do some stretches from the yoga book or recite Duaa’s. After a few minute, I go and talk to them about how they are feeling and what we can do next time. . Coming from someone who used to yell so much.. (I still do but it’s better now), this approach may not receive immediate results but their tantrums will definitely be much less. Kids often stop negative behavior when they are yelled at not out of respect, but out of fear. By tuning in to their emotions and validating them, they really do appreciate it and feel your love more. . May Allah swt allow us to raise our children in the most pleasing way. Thanks to @generationmindful for such an amazing program and @maeenparenting for always reminding us the gentle and positive way to parent. . #mindfulparenting #emotionalintelligence #montessori #raisingstrongboys #positiveparenting #peacefulparenting

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8. Faithful Kids

Amal Al Sibai from Faithfull Kids provide games and books that connect kids to their faith, engage the mind, and touch the heart. They also write articles for us about Learning the Beautiful Names of Allah. Click Here to read it.


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Some ideas for kids’ activities at 🏡, as many families still feel wary of going out. Hope you find them useful! Art projects, an excellent outlet for tense emotions, fears, or stress, and a great way to nourish creativity 🎨. Masjid art project from @lunar_learners Baking and cooking; using a kid-friendly cookbook or following you-tube videos 🎥. ❓Trivia night! The kids, even the older one (& their dad) honestly loved the Q and A contests! DM me your email for some Islamic and Quran themed Q and A. Watching a youtube animated series of the seerah of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), called Habeeb Allah. ❤️ Our daughter took an online course with an amazing instructor @creative_moon_light and she learned how to complete all sides of the Rubik’s cube in under a minute and a half! ⏰ Online Quran & Islamic courses. Board games galore – from simple games like Clue and Scrabble to complex games like Tickets to Ride, Stone Age, & Lords of Waterdeep. Our all-time favorite is 5 Pillars! @5pillarsgame 🧩 Jig-saw puzzle, we completed a 500 pc puzzle and hope to attempt 1,000 pcs! Latch hook- our 6th grader has been working on latch hook to make a cute cushion inshaAllah! 📚Books: after reading the series from @jannahjewels she started a masterpiece of English Children’s Literature: the series of Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery. Since it is an older book series, you will find sound traditional family values in them, like perseverance, hard work, respecting elders. And it can be hilarious and heartwarming! I found these books much more valuable than the more modern books. Learning the Beautiful Names of Allah. In addition to using the memory cards, I teach the Names by telling a story, and using art and hands-on projects. I hope to offer online courses for kids soon. Cards can be ordered at link in bio. I intend to share more on teaching the Beautiful Names of Allah to kids. Will be posting soon inshallah… #islamicart #islamicgames #muslimhomeschooling #muslimfamily #kidsactivityideas #99namesofallah❤️

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9. Cake Batter and Paint Splatter

They often share some cool and easy experiments that you can do at home.