Flourishing Deeds Tree

Teach your children how good deeds can beautify ones character just as these floral petals beautify the branch.
This Flourishing Deeds Tree craft encourages children and family members alike, to establish ‘a good deeds’ routine throughout Ramadan and maintain it after.

Simply create a floral petal each time a good deed is completed and watch your tree blossom in time for Eid!

Watch this Youtube tutorial and create your own ‘Deeds Tree’ with your whole family.

mkg deeds tree

Snippets from the tutorial:

MKG Flourishing deeds 2 MKG Flourishing deeds

A fun idea:
Each family member claims a branch on the tree and adds their floral petals on that branch. Now you have a chance to compete in goodness throughout Ramadan or any time of the year.


Have you  made this? Let us know what you enjoyed most about this craft tutorial.

Enjoy the fun 🙂

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