If you told me last Eid Al Adha that I would be spending this one in the midst of a pandemic, I would have been in disbelief and yet here we are, going into the second Eid of the year in isolation. There are still things we can do to celebrate Eid and to make it feel special such as sending Eid cards to your loved ones.

Here is a list of ideas for ideas you can use to create cards whether it’s for Eid, birthdays or to remind someone you’re thinking of them!

Cards can be bought, created with your own hands, or with a little help.  I know that I feel loved when I receive a card from my little brother interstate, they’re usually origami-based (yes he’s very extra and I love it) and filled with the most loving messages and cartoons he has drawn of us and vice versa. Here is a list of options for you to get creative or purchase cards for upcoming occasions.

DIY 3D Cards

Faithful Kids have crafted a simple tactic on how to make 3D cards using materials you have at homes such as paper, color pencils, crayons, and a little imagination.


Redtent Toys have put together a card-making activity crafted with prints and cardboard cutouts:



Here is a quick YouTube tutorial on how to create pop up cards. This gives you the guidance and freedom to use your imagination and be free with it!

And another one catered to celebratory holidays such as Eid

Buy Premade Eid Cards

And if you’re short on time then you can always order premade ones. Here is a list of where you can order them and support local businesses!


Etsy is home to many craftsmen and woman all around the world, they have no shortage of handmade cards and prints: