Create and Learn with your children this Ramadan



Who: Fatima Kazem

What: Activities and craft ideas for Ramadan

Features: Blog filled with ideas and resources for children and parents

Follow Fatima’s journey into teaching her children the beauty of Ramadan and Islam with fun ideas, crafts and activities.

With games, printable, trackers and many more awesome ideas make this Ramadan unforgettable!!

Here are some of Fatima’s ideas on how to get creative & learn about Ramadan with your children:

  • Talk & draw
  • Decorate the home together
  • Bake home-made treats
  • Make up a charity toy game

More information here – By: Fatima


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Zayneb Abdullatif

Zayneb is a designer + crafter + adventurer. She holds a Bachelor of Nursing degree and currently runs her creative business from home ( She is the author of 'Craft it up this Ramadan and Eid' and also writes crafts for Little Explorers Magazine. When she's away from her studio, you can find her exploring Australia's beautiful scenery. She loves spending time with her family including her 8 nieces and nephews. Zayneb is currently experiencing new life as a mum!
Zayneb Abdullatif
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