Who: Sobia Hussain

What: Cool ideas to create a “travel around the world” activity with children

Features: Instructions, ideas and printables to make an exciting and memorable travel experience


The true purpose of this passport and on-going activity is to encourage children to learn about the world and people around them which will help broaden their perspective in so many ways.  With this passport, you can offer your children fun, engaging activities to introduce them to the many unique lifestyles of others and develop a sincere respect for them.  Its this multicultural diversity which makes our planet one beautiful mosaic, gleaming colours from all corners of the Earth.  Let them explore what the world has to offer and build a mutual understanding for their neighbors in this global village we share together.  Encourage the ideas of peaceful coexistence and community building.  The values we instill in our children and students while they are young are what will make a difference tomorrow.  These children are our future.  So, lets work together to nourish brighter, cooperative citizens of society for the sake of humanity. 

More information here – My Halal Kitchen


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