Who: Hesham Al-Awadi (Lecturer)

What: Audio series for Muslim parents

Features: An in-depth look at how the Prophet (SAW) interacted with children

Recommended by Ustadh Nou’man Ali Khan, this incredible lecture series by Dr. Hesham Al-Awadi is a true gem for any Muslim parent or parent to be. Dr Al-Awadi, a renowned Seerah historian discusses how the Prophet (SAW) interacted with children and it’s just beautiful. He introduces various examples from the life of the Prophet from a different perspective – the perspective of the children around him (SAW) at the time. Dr. Al-Awadi also discusses the challenges of raising children and the importance of understanding and catering for their needs.

The series is available on iTunes as an Audio book – perfect for car journeys!


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Sara is passionate about introducing kids to the Qur'an in a fun and relevant way. She helps run an Islamic playgroup and is currently studying Qur'anic Arabic. She lives in Melbourne with her family and loves exploring the beauty it has to offer. You can connect with her at Parenthood: Muslim Style.

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