My daughter and I went looking for a rainbow.
A light rain was falling; scattered sunbeams were peeking out from behind the clouds, the perfect conditions for one. We drove around the neighbourhood, trying to find the perfect spot from where we could see the entire sky, just in case a rainbow had sneaked in from somewhere.
We didnt find such a spot, and nor did we find a rainbow.

What we did find, looking through our hyper-focussed eyes, was that even without a rainbow, the sky has so many beautiful colours…the dark grey rain clouds, the silvery shimmery clouds behind which hid the sun, the soft orange of the approaching sunset…SubhanAllah, a rainbow every day, if only we choose to see
And so it is with life, we miss the wonder and beauty of everyday in search of some elusive colourful, glittery thing or person or moment. The perfect day is today, the perfect moment is now!!
The day to see with a fresh perspective all our blessings, all the things we have been given without ever having asked for them. I wouldnt have thought to ask for a sky that is pink and peach and yellow at sunrise, then a light blue turning into orange and purple and black at night! What about the stars, the moon, those twinkly bright things that stud the night sky!sky-476817_1280
Ooh and what about the sounds, the loud thunder, the gurgling of a newly formed stream after the rain , the chirping of the birds…each and everyone one of them a blessing from the Almighty. And the smells, the smells…the freshly mown grass, the flowers and the fragrance of the eucalyptus leaf as you crush it between your fingers. SubhanAllah ! Alhamdolillah.

We all have so much that we take for granted; looking all the time for the extraordinary, not realizing that what we consider to be ordinary is, in fact, nothing short of miraculous.
Lets make today a day of thankfulness, a day of saying Alhamdolillah for all that we see around us and all that we are blessed with.


So remember ‘ Me and I will remember you, and give thanks to Me and be not ungrateful. Al Baqarah 2:152

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