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A King Helps Out

Who: Saniyasnain Khan (Author) What: Paperback, illustrated book Features: 24 pages, English A King Helps Out is a beautifully illustrated and creatively written story about some of Prophet Muhammad’s first followers’ exile in Abyssinia. The wise king of Abyssinia prevented the Makkans from taking the Muslims back against their wish. More information here – Goodword Books  

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My First Quran Storybook

  Who: Saniyasnain Khan (Author) What: Hardbound, illustrated book Features: 319 pages, English Here for young readers and listeners, are all the best treasured stories of the Quran in one beautifully illustrated volume. The stirring and dramatic stories of the great prophets, peoples and nations are unfolded as a family saga, one event leading naturally to the next.

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101 Sahabiyat Stories and Dua

  Who: Khalid Perwez (Author) What: Hardback, illustrated book Features: 207 pages, English 101 Sahabiyat Stories and Dua is a richly illustrated collection of 101 great stories of the female companions of the Prophet Muhammad, told in simple language that children will easily understand and relate to. Each story comes with delightful illustrations, a hadith and a

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Fatimah: The Daughter of the Prophet Muhammad

  Who: Sr. Nafees Khan (Author) What: Illustrated paperback Features: 40 pages, English This beautifully written book explores the life and times of the youngest daughter of the Prophet. It relates fascinating stories about the Prophet and Khadija as her parents, here growing up in the vicinity of the Kabah, marriage, motherhood and her contribution in spreading the message

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