7-10 Years

Everything for kids 7-10 years old, enjoy!

Ramadan Activity Book

  ​         Who: Shaheda Osman What: Ramadan Activity Book for children 6 yrs + Features: 25 pages of activities It’s time to make learning fun! This awesome jam packed Ramadan Activity Book contains 25 activities specifically catered for the month of Ramadan. You will find puzzles, interactive learning activities, colouring, crosswords and more! Younger children can

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Muslim Kids TV

  Who: Muslim Kids TV What: Fun website for kids Features: Videos, games, activities and more! A 100% halaal interactive, community-driven platform for learning and development through videos, games, etc! Lots to watch, listen, learn and do. More information here – Muslim Kids TV  

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5 Pillars Game

  Who: 5 Pillars What: Board game Features: Family game with many fun and educational opportunities The 5Pillars games uniquely combines all the features of a successful educational game that keeps its players wanting more. Together, both games offer a total of 1,250 learning opportunities in the form of questions and activities that come at various levels of

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Princess Siyana’s Pen

  Who: Zainab Merchant What: Book  Features: 40 pages, English When evil Shargor captures the baby Princess Siyana and leaves her in a barren land, he thinks his dreams have come true, and that the kingdom of Lusitania is his to rule forever. But as the beautiful and talented princess grows up at El Sol Orphanage in Baetica,

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Chocolate Cookie Masjid

  insert image/gallery here> Who: Recipe by Faaiza, Modest Munchies What: Chocolate Cookie Masjid Features: Fun and tasty activity for kids.   A fun and extremely tasty recipe and instructions to create a chocolate cookie masjid.   Perfect for special occasions or just for some kitchen time fun, this activity will be a hit for adults and children

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Noor Quest

  Who: Peter Gould (Creator) What: iOS/Android app  Features: A fun way to learn Arabic letters and Quran. Set in outer-space with fun relatable Muslim characters. 3..2..1 Bismillah! Join the Muslimnauts Zazzy, Esmaa, Meem, Alpha and Kiya as they race to recover the missing pages from their special Quran! The Noor Quest app introduces basic Arabic letters and Quran

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