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Ruqaya’s Bookshelf

    Who: Asmaa Hussein (Author) What: Blog Features: Writings of Personal Life Experiences and Books. Asmaa Hussein is one woman I’ve learnt a lot from. Filled with so much wisdom, Asmaa started Ruqaya’s Bookshelf in order to host her writings and and has some interesting and inspirational parenting articles. More information here – Ruqaya’s Bookshelf  

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The Muslimah Mommy

    Who: Sumaira Zaheer What: Lifestyle Blog Features: Peace, Positivity and Prayer Sumaira Zaheer is a mum of 4 children who writes about personal experiences, tips, and advice on womanhood, pregnancy, parenthood, and family life.  She’s all about  peace, positivity, and prayer! She also blogs about family inspiration and a few awesome diy projects. More information here – The Muslimah

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The Muslimah Guide

    Who: Josy and Samira What: An Online Community for Mums Features: Covers parenting, learning resources, crafts, and more! The Muslimah Guide is a central hub for Muslim women. It’s a place where you can find tips and guides on parenting, homeschooling and more! Together, these women can inspire change in the way we live our daily lives. Check

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Middle Way Mom

    Who: Shannen Espelien What: Homeschooling Blog Features: Also posts about Natural living and Islamic Topics A great resource for all homeschooling parents! Shannen is a busy homeschooling Mom walking the ‘Middle Way’. On her blog, she also covers topics on parenting and Islam. Do check this one out! More information here – Middle Way Mom  

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