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Book Review: The Pioneer Series Ibn Battuta

The PIONEER SERIES is intended to nurture courage, confidence and love of knowledge in young minds through stories on great and diverse individuals that transformed the world through their wisdom, inventions, discoveries and exploration.   Ibn Battuta was a great world traveler. During the 14th century, he traveled to over 40 modern day countries experiencing

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6 Healthy Recipes for Your Family

Eating healthy is important, and the earlier we can start is better. Healthy dietary practices start early in life and may have longer-term health benefits such as reducing the risk of becoming overweight or obese. We have collected six yummy recipes from our community you can try at home. They look gorgeous and appetizing, perfect to

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The Sira App

    Who: Awakening  What: App about the Seerah Features: Animated and Interactive  An interactive journey through the life of Prophet Muhammad (s) for kids. The Sira App aims to introduce the magnificent life story of the greatest man to ever walk the earth – Prophet Muhammad (s) to children.  More information here – Awakening  

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