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5 Ideas to Help Children Memorise Allah’s Names and Attributes

Memorising and understanding Allahs Names and Attributes can be a difficult task especially for children. Children learn at their own pace, which means sometimes it may take some time. Below is a list of wonderful resources aimed to ease the task of memorising and to simply make learning fun.   1. Zaky Videos All time favourite, Zaky,

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MKG Chats with Dr Susan Carland

  Dr Susan Carland has a PhD from Monash Universitys School of Social Sciences where she researched the way Muslim women fight sexism within the Muslim community, and is a lecturer and researcher at Monash Universitys National Centre for Australian Studies. Her other research and lecturing specialties are gender, sociology, politics, and the Australian Muslim

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MKG Chats with Peter Gould

Peter Gould is a designer, creative entrepreneur and artist. The BBC describes Peter as a leader in the emergence of new Muslim cool. He aims, through his work on creative projects, to illuminate, enrich and inspire people through beauty & positivity.   Tell us a bit about yourself? Hmm, well you could apply a few labels:  Dad, Designer, Muslim, Arty,

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Welcome to Muslim Kids Guide!

  We are so excited to introduce you to this brand new website, set up to help parents nurture creative, confident, happy young Muslims. Here you will find links to great content from across the web, original articles from our contributors, inspirational interviews and more! Muslim Kids Guide aims to inspire, motivate and encourage Muslim

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