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Sharing Ramadan with your Child’s Non-Muslim Friends or Classmates

For most of us living in places where Muslims are a minority, Ramadan always comes with many questions and queries from well-meaning friends and acquaintances. As adults we’re better equipped to deal with questions but for children, it’s not always easy to explain or answer questions about Ramadan. Questions like, WHY do you fast? Not even

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MKG Chats with Nazia Nasreen

Nazia Nasreen is an audiologist, mother, and founder of Ibraheem Toy House, which is an online Islamic toy store, based in the UK. We chatted to her about her inspiration, her favourite products and what she feels the market for Muslim kids needs.   What inspired you to start Ibraheem Toy House? Ibraheem Toy House started

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MKG Chats with Zareen Jaffery

Zareen Jaffery is an editor at Simon and Schuster Books for Young Readers. She has recently been involved in the creation of Salaam Reads, an imprint for Muslim children’s books, the first of its kind among the big five publishers. MKG recently had a chance to chat with her about her career, her inspiration in

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