“Eid Breakfast at Abuela’s” book 1 in the Trilingual Sofia book series brings a multicultural journey to the family. The book observes common Eid traditions, as well as Mexican-American ones.

Join Sofia and her parents who spend Eid – the Islamic holiday – with her Mexican grandmother, who is not Muslim but chooses to throw them a festive breakfast which includes traditional Mexican food, decorations, and activities.

Sofia embraces the beauty in her diverse backgrounds and makes connections to unify them – symbolizing how small our world really is. The inclusivity resonates with many families of multicultural backgrounds across the globe.

“Eid Breakfast at Abuela’s” includes at least 1 Spanish word to learn on each page. Using context clues the reader can easily guess what the words mean, and build their language skills. At the end of the book, there is a glossary with all 30 Spanish words and their English (and Arabic) translations.

This is an educational book about family, culture, language, and fun.