Who: Uncle Goose

What: Arabic Alphabet Blocks

Features: Wooden blocks that feature the letters of the Arabic alphabet in different forms

This hand-crafted wooden block set from Uncle Goose contains 28 blocks. Each block represents a letter of the Arabic alphabet as well as it’s different form i.e. how the letter would appear at the beginning, middle or end of an Arabic word. This makes it possible to use the blocks to spell short words!

Also pictured on the blocks are Arabic numerals, math symbols and various animals labelled in Arabic. The blocks are absolutely gorgeous and your kids will love playing with them.

More information here – Uncle Goose – Arabic Blocks


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Sara is passionate about introducing kids to the Qur'an in a fun and relevant way. She helps run an Islamic playgroup and is currently studying Qur'anic Arabic. She lives in Melbourne with her family and loves exploring the beauty it has to offer. You can connect with her at Parenthood: Muslim Style.

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