Allah knows album

Who: Zain Bhika and Dawud Wharnsby

What: Nasheed Album

Features: Songs for kids.

Allah Knows, once again reunites him with friend and artist Dawud Wharnsby Ali. This album is dedicated to the journey of all children and was written specifically for Bhikha’s eldest son Rashid, who also features on the album. It is a celebration of mellow sounds, purest harmony without any instrumentation and thoughtful lyrics, most of which were written by Bhikha.

One of the most outstanding tracks on the album is the heartwrenching “My Mum is Amazing”, which has a real sting in the tail bound to draw tears. But there is also the smoothness of the title track: “Allah Knows”, as well as the fun “Pizza in his Pocket” which is an inspirational Ramadan track for children with clever, bouncy lyrics and rhythms.

More information here: Zain Bhika


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