Biryani from India

Biryani is a very popular and spicy rice dish that originated in India. Biryani is a popular holiday dish and the creation of the dish is what makes it so special as sometimes you need a whole crew to help! The dish contains many vegetables, meat, spices and is a traditional dish served all around India on Eid.



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Maamoul from Lebanon & Jordan

Maamoul is a traditional buttery cookie, with origins from Lebanon and is popular amongst Eid traditions throughout the middle east. These cookies are shaped in balls or domes and are filled with dates, walnuts or pistachios. Maamoul is also known as kombe in Turkey and kahk in Egypt. 

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Lokum from Turkey

Lokum is what you may have heard as Turkish Delight, which is one of the most popular eid sweets in turkey. This Eid dessert not only looks beautiful as it comes in all sorts of colours, but tastes just as good. Lokum is often filled with pistachios, dates or walnuts.


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Sohan Asali from Persia

Sohan Asali is a sugary Persian sweet made with honey almond and saffron. These sweets are popular around Persia and are given away as gifts of appreciation.

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Cambaabur from Somali

This Somali flat bread is served sweet during Eid breakfasts. It is sprinkled with sugar and topped with yogurt for a tangy combination. This popular recipe is also served savoury, mixed with different spices in the bread.

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Tajine from Morrocco

Tajine is the most popular savoury dish served during Eid in Morocco. This grand dish is a slow cooked stew filled with meat such as lamb or beef and many vegetables. Some sweet fruits are also added for a contrast of flavour such as plums and apricots.

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Tufahija from Bosnia

Tufahija is a Bosnian dessert enjoyed on Eid. This dessert is a poached apple which has been covered in sugar and stuffed with nuts. This traditional sweet is served with cream and syrup and with hot tea.


Nastar from Indonesia

Nastar is known as pineapple cake and is one of the most popular Eid sweets in Indonesia. The cake is filled with a pineapple jam and it has a melt in your mouth texture. 


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