It’s the month of Rabi’al Awwal and as we all know it is the month of the birth our beloved Prophet Muhammed (SAW). Whether you celebrate his birth or not, I think we could all agree that being in this month serves as a valuable reminder. I know in our house, we have started talking more about the Prophet (SAW) to our kids and have also started reading books that relate.

If you’re thinking about doing the same, why not try reading some books to get the kids excited and increase their knowledge. After all the first word revealed to the Prophet (SAW) was Iqra:Read.



Faatimah and Ahmed Series
We’re Little Muslims and Miracles in the Dessert
Razeena Gutta

With bright colourful illustrations, and a cute story of a brother and sister talking and learning about the Prophet, the books are both a fun and relatable introduction to the Prophet for young children. These books are perfect for younger kids 2+ to be read to, or even great for older kids to read for themselves.

The Spider and the Doves
Farah Morley

The Prophet Muhammad is besieged on all sides by his enemies. Then Allah sends him some unlikely helpers in the form of a pair of doves and a spider. But what can i do? “I am so small and weak, and now even my web is broken.” This is the re-telling of a classic true story from the Prophets life. It weaves a tale that shows how even the smallest of us can have a great destiny.


My Prophet Muhammad
Learning Roots

My Prophet Muhammad (S) encapsulates the timeless story of the life of the best and final Messenger of Allah, Muhammad (S). Designed for early childhood, this rendering of the Seerah serves as an ideal first acquaintance with the miraculous story of Allah’s finest creation. With its vivid illustrations and appropriately rendered authorship, this book is designed to increase your child’s knowledge, appreciation and love for the Prophet Muhammad (S).

Khadija – Mother of History’s Greatest Nation
Learning Roots

You have another mother. You’ve never seen her. You’ve never heard her voice. You’ve never perhaps even thought of her as your mother. But she is your mother nonetheless. And if you get to Jannah, your mother will there, waiting to meet you. Her name is Khadijah (RA). She was the first wife of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW), the first to believe in his message and the first mother of the greatest nation history has ever seen.

Although this book is about the life of Khadija (RA), the focus of the story relates to her life with the Prophet (SAW) and their relationship.



365 Days with the Prophet
Goodword Books

365 Days with the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) is a unique storybook, which takes children on a fun-filled, day-by-day adventure throughout the life and times of the Prophet Muhammad. It provides a lively and chronological account of the Prophet as a person, whose life and teachings are loved, cherished and respected by people all over the world. Every day, children will find in it a new story enshrining the wisdom of the Prophet Muhammad, which they can apply in their daily lives. Children will love the colourful illustrations and captivating stories, charmingly told in simple language.

101 Seerah Stories and Dua
Goodword Books

101 Seerah Stories and Dua is a richly illustrated collection of 101 great stories told in simple language that children will easily understand and relate to. Each story comes with delightful illustrations and a beautiful prayer. The book includes well-known tales from the life of the Prophet Muhammad — the Year of Elephant, the birth and childhood of the Prophet, the revelation of the Quran, the first Muslims, opposition of the Quraysh, the spread of Islam and migration to Madinah to name a few. It’s a unique experience the whole family will cherish and revisit again and again!

Tell me about Muhammad
Goodword Books

The book presents the life of the Prophet Muhammad, upon whom be peace, from his childhood in the desert to his divine mission and early preaching in Makkah. It goes on to describe the hostility of Makkans towards his message, their total boycott of him and his family, the Night Journey to seven heavens and the migration from Makkah to Madinah. In Madinah he was welcomed and lived there for ten years teaching and calling people to the divine truth. His life went through stages of poverty, prosperity, defeat and success. Yet whatever his state of well-being or hardship, he never once strayed from the path of moderation. At all times, and right till the end, he remained the patient and grateful servant of the Almighty, bringing his message of peace and truth to all mankind.

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