Recognising and learning and Arabic letters is something we all try to teach our children from young, to set them up for the eventual ability to read the Quran.

Learning the Arabic letters should be as easy and fun as it is to learn the letters of any other alphabet. Use these great resources to help your children learn without even realising it.


1. Quran 4 kids

A fantastic website, YouTube channel and e-book set that starts at the very beginning of teaching kids the Arabic letters, all the way to reading the Quran.

There is also an app available which takes them through the different levels, with different matching games, puzzles and other recognition exercises.



2. Arabic letter puzzles

There are a few different Arabic letter puzzles out there. This one is by the Desi Doll Company and also includes the sounds of the letters. Check out your local Islamic bookstore to see if they stock any type of puzzle.



3. Arabic letter magnets

There are also a number of different types of Arabic letter magnets available. Use them on your fridge for easy viewing, or alternatively use a metal baking tray (to save your fridge from scratches) and to make it more interactive and manageable for little fingers. These magnets are from Creative Motivations.



4. Arabic letter posters

Search Etsy for Arabic letter posters and so many options appear. Place one of these in your childs bedroom or toyroom, and make a fun game out of spotting the letters whenever you walk by.

Little Wings Gallery



5. Arabic letter play dough mats

Busy Little Seekers has these fun play dough mats available in her store. Simply print out and laminate to use either with play dough, or even washable paint, whiteboard markers, or anything else that can wipe off easily.



6. App Learn Arabic with Taha and Mariam

Another fun app that makes learning interesting. Set up as a board game, you can choose your own characters and levels and challenge each other!



7. Colouring pages

Print out these fun Arabic letter colouring sheets to keep the kids busy and to help them with letter recognition and reinforcement.



Have you used a learning method that you can highly recommend? Let us know!





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