We’re getting into the spirit of Ramadan a little earlier this year. I mean how can we not! With all these gorgeous décor around, I think it’s time we all start decorating. After all, my favourite childhood memories were filled with colour and joy {& heaps of balloons!}

Here’s my list for a themed Ramadan and Eid:


1.  A Handmade Ramadan by Handmade Beginnings

These beautifully handcrafted Lunar Pocket Calendars are excellent for the kids! Fill them with daily tasks, acts of kindness, treats, pocket money or anything you like; the possibilities are endless!



2. A Rustic Themed Ramadan by Zed&Q

These gorgeous Wooden Text Panels + Geometrical Moon will add the perfect finish to any setting really. Can be left raw for your nature inspired Ramadan gathering or can be colourfully painted.



3. A Colourful Ramadan and Eid by Emaanboost

What’s Eid without any balloons? These bright balloons are 100% biodegradable and made from 100% pure natural latex! So you’re guaranteed to have a chemical free gathering! Choose from Ramadan or Eid Balloons.



4. A Glamorous Ramadan and Eid by Eid Creations

Inspired by the architecture of Masjid Al Nabawi in Madina. These Black, white and gold plate sets will be show stopper on the buffet table. 

5. A Contemporary Themed Eid by Modern Eid

This Happy Eid banner is perfect for a simple modern themed Eid. Pair it up with these star garlands for an exquisite wall display!


Inspired much? I’d love to see your Ramadan and Eid decor!

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