Memorising and understanding Allahs Names and Attributes can be a difficult task especially for children. Children learn at their own pace, which means sometimes it may take some time. Below is a list of wonderful resources aimed to ease the task of memorising and to simply make learning fun.


1. Zaky Videos

All time favourite, Zaky, teaches Allah’s names and attributes in this series of short videos, perfect for children to learn about Islam and other interesting topics.

MKG Zaky


2. 99 Names Challenges

Creative Motivations has re-launched their amazing project Learn the 99 Names of Allah in the 99 days til Ramadan. A Facebook event to help children and adults learn the 99 names on a daily basis before Ramadan has started.



3. Activities

If youre children are more into visual learning, this activity from Faiza from Ilim kids is just perfect. In this activity, children must learn to associate Allah’s names with an image pictured.



4. E-book

There are plenty of books out there. This e-book in particular was created by Razeeena from Read Little Muslims. It’s vibrant, colourful and easy to follow. Download this free resource and start memorising today!



5. Colouring Sheets

Keep the kids entertained with these printable colouring sheets from Iman Homeschool. You can also get the children to explain what Allah’s name and attribute is since they come with a detailed explanation.

iman homeschool


Have you got another way to help memorise these names?

Enjoy the fun 🙂


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