Lets face it, not every parent is great in the kitchen or has the patience to craft with their children; and maybe we just dont like playing sports either, or the very thought of even being outside with the hot sun and mosquitoes makes us anxious. This is exactly how I feel as a parent- Im not good at everything, and I dont always enjoy the activities my children are into. Instead, I let my children engage in these activities by themselves, or I put them in programs where they can participate in these activities with a qualified teacher.

But wait a minute, you say, dont you enjoy spending quality time with your children? You should suck it up and engage in these activities anyway- for the sake of your children. My answer to this is YES, of course, I enjoy spending time with my kids; however, I would rather spend my time with my children doing something we ALL love- like storytelling!

Thats right, instead of following the lead of other parents around me by baking and crafting with my family (something I find stressful at the moment with young children), I choose to be a storyteller parent that allows me to not only spend quality time with my family, but that also allows me to get creative and have fun with the imaginary world!

Here are 10 reasons why being a storytelling parent is AWESOME!

1. Its free

Storytelling comes at no cost, making it perfect for all families on any budget.

2. Its easy, anyone can do it 

You dont have to be a professional writer or speaker to be a storyteller, you just have to be your fabulous self!

3. It encourages your children to be storytellers

Encouraging your children to share their very own story with the family builds their confidence, allows them to get creative, and expands their vocabulary.

 Children storytelling

4. You can teach a lesson

There are endless lessons to be taught through stories, such as Eco-friendliness, the five pillars of Islam, the attributes of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) etc.

5. You can make your story come alive

By acting your story out, using props, or putting on a puppet show, your story will come alive right in front of your children! This is something the younger children will especially love!

You can make your own puppets, or use these free printables from Hijab Sparkle:

Islamic Doll- printable

6. Theres no mess to clean up

Need I say more? But really, this a mess free activity that requires zero supplies!

7. Storytelling can be short or long as you want it to be

If time is limited, you can tell a story in as little as a five minutes, or create a series for bedtime every night!

8. You can do it anywhere & anytime

I love the fact that storytelling can be done anywhere from waiting at the doctors office with your children, in the car, at a guests home, even at the beach!  You can also create a tradition of storytelling during Ramadan and Eid!


9. You can make your story fun & memorable

One of the benefits of storytelling is that you can make the story have any tone you like! My children prefer funny stories with silly characters, but they also enjoy suspense and a good ole mystery!

10. You can take it one step further

You can take storytelling to the next level by asking your children to draw a picture of their favorite part of the story, or by encouraging them to retell the same story but with their own twist; moreover, you can ask your children to write a poem based on the story.

Children's Drawing

Storytelling should be fun and the overall purpose should be to spend some time with your loved ones. Remember, every minute spent with your children allows you to create a special bond with them!

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Sumaira Zaheer holds a business degree from the University of Alberta, with a major in Strategic Management and Organization. Currently, she writes about her experiences as a Canadian born mother of three children on her blog, www.TheMuslimahMommy.com; Sumaira has always been a story writer and storyteller and loves to share her creative writing with others through her blog. Her motto in life is peace, positivity, and prayer; and she also believes that chocolate is the solution to most problems in life.

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