With Eid coming up soon, we know we’re going to be missing the usual sense of community and festivity. So we’re welcoming the opportunity to bring that special Eid feeling into our home. We’ve rounded up some of the most beautiful decoration ideas that you can recreate at your own place, to mark the special occasion for your kids, and for the adults too!



Photo: Studio Nayma

Neon Lights

Adorn your walls and light up your home with a neon light. These lights set a nice cosy mood in your home thanks to the art of lovely lighting. You can get this exact Eid Mubarak neon sign from Studio Nayma. If you’re interested in making your own sign, all you need is some neon tube (which you can find on Ebay), and some cardboard.




Photo: The Inspired Muslim Mama

Masjid At Home

Since our mosques aren’t open for us to pray at this Eid, we’ve got our sights set on bringing the masjid home. You can get this (copyrighted) cardboard masjid cutout for your own home at My 1st Masjid. Get creative when decorating, re-use old boxes and blankets to make the structure, adorn it with fairy lights, lanterns, pillows and plants to make it extra special. This is a great activity to do with the little ones.




Photo: Healing Ummah

Wooden Eid Wreath

 This beautiful statement piece can be mounted on a wall or propped up on a table set up surrounded by beautiful flowers or fairy lights. Try placing it on a table surrounded by your Eid set up of sweets and gifts to make Eid morning more sentimental. This one is from Healing Ummah.




 Photo: Picket Fence Arts

Paper Art

Paper art is a fun way to engage the whole family or the kids in decorating. You can get this set from Picket Fence Arts. Or you can have a go at creating them yourself, and get the kids involved by allowing them to pick the colours. Customise these by adding your names and special Eid messages! Try making some for your friends and family so they can hang up in their home too.




Photo: Silk Road Keepsakes

Eid Table

Making a statement table of your favourite Eid decorations as well as the sweets and treats you and the family baked is a unique way to display and show off your baking skills but make it Instagram worthy! Pick up some streamers and string from your local party store in a colour scheme of your choice and adorn your table in little knickknacks of the same colour to create your own little Eid table that your guests can grab sweets off.




Photo: Dusk 2ill Dawn

Fairy Lights

Who doesn’t love fairy lights? They instantly make a space feel extra special with beautiful lighting. Go cray with hanging stars and fairy lights, along with a beautiful Eid sign, these two are from Studio Nayma. You can even use sticks and flowers from the garden or park for a special touch.




Photo: Pinterest


Balloons! You can never go wrong with balloons. Use them as a centrepiece to place the Eid gifts around to capture the perfect photo of the kids on Eid morning. Hang them on the wall or use weights to let them sit  around the living room. 




Photo: Eid Party


Get creative and pick up some new calligraphy skills in your time off to make your own Eid Mubarak signs. These signs look lovely on your dinner table for your Eid feast or just placed around your home. Try using chalkboard paint and chalk to give it a minimalist aesthetic and to look good in your Instagram posts. Try sending them as cards to your friends and family on eid too.






Photo: Hanae Akabbal

Eid Bunting

Eid bunting signs are an easy and creative way to decorate your house. If you’ve left your decorating too late and can’t purchase a ready made Eid bunting, try making your own! Check out this easy tutorial. Pair the bunting with some wall art and you’ve made yourself the perfect eid decoration!



At the end of the day, whether you have decorations or not, we hope your home is full of warmth, happiness, and barakah on Eid and beyond.

Wishing you a warm Eid Mubarak 💖


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